Avoid These 10 Foods to Prevent Weight Gain

The major problem with overweight or obese people is that they are prone to chronic health problems. It is known as a silent killer since it leads to deadly diseases without you knowing it. Healthy weight is a good combination of the following: lifestyle, diet, and exercise. You cannot lose weight overnight. You are more inclined to lose weight or maintain a healthy one if you avoid these foods and beverages:

  1. French fries
  2. Potatoes are not bad for your health if they are boiled or baked, but if they are fried for a long time they may lose their nutrients and enable you to overeat which can definitely pack on the pounds. Potatoes become saltier and tastier when they are fried; they can be addictive.

  3. White bread
  4. This type of bread is highly refined and it is loaded with sugar. This bread is high in glycemic index and this can cause a spike in your blood sugar. It is linked to obesity and weight gain. It’s good to know that there are healthier alternatives to it. You have to take note however that all wheat bread comes with gluten. You can go for oopsie bread, almond flour bread, and cornbread.

  5. Candy bars
  6. Candy bars are not healthy at all. They have a lot of refined sugar, oils, and refined flour. They are known to be high in calories yet they have low nutritional value. Remember that a regular-sized candy bar which is chocolate covered can have 200 to 300 calories while super large bars may have even more than that. It may be difficult for you to avoid them if you are not strong willed since they are available in all supermarkets. For a healthier snack, you better go for fruit and nuts instead.

  7. Pizza
  8. Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods. Commercial pizza can be utterly unhealthy. Pizza is also high in calories and it can contain many unhealthy ingredients too such as highly processed food products and highly processed meat. For a healthier alternative, you can come up with a homemade pizza with healthier and organic ingredients. You may also opt for a pizza parlor that makes healthier pizza options.

  9. Ice cream
  10. Ice cream is simply irresistible but it is also unhealthy. It is high in calories and majority of it contains a lot of sugar. It is fine to have ice cream every now and then simply to avoid self-deprivation. The problem is that it may be difficult to consume a lot of it in just one sitting. For a healthier alternative, you can make your homemade ice cream with less sugar and with more ingredients like fruit and yogurt. You can also opt to settle for a small quantity and to put away the rest to avoid being tempted.

  11. Sugary drinks
  12. Sodas are high in calories and are sugar loaded but they have no nutritional value at all. A fresh apple has natural sugars but they can be balanced with other nutrients and fiber. However when you drink apple juice from the supermarket, all the nutrients and fiber are gone due to the processing involved. All you can acquire from this juice is sugar. These drinks can cause weight gain.

  13. Foods high in unsaturated fats
  14. One of the worst types of fats that you can consume is the trans fat or unsaturated fats. It is also called trans-fatty acid. This can increase the level of LDL or bad cholesterol found in the blood and also the fat deposits that can be stored within the body. Trans fat is dangerous for those who are obese and they have to be avoided at all costs. Junk foods and most of the food items served in restaurants are high in trans fat. This type of fat is produced by solidifying vegetable oils through the use of high pressure hydrogen gas. When you consume trans fat regularly, you’re likely to develop heart illness, obesity, and diabetes.

  15. Booze or alcohol
  16. Alcohol does not help with weight loss. It does not matter if there are cocktail drinks that have less calories. It has no nutrients in it and it is loaded with calories. It does not make you feel full as well which makes you overeat instead. Alcohol is also a toxin in your body which becomes your liver’s top priority. This means that your liver won’t be able to burn fat as efficiently as it usually does.

  17. Frozen meals
  18. Food manufacturers put more sodium in frozen foods to make them stay long in your refrigerator. Sodium enables you to retain water in the body which gives you the bloated feeling. Small packs of frozen foods actually have high calorie content but they don’t make you feel satiated; hence you tend to overeat as a result.

  19. Peanut butter
  20. It is loaded with healthy fats but peanut butter is also high in calories. Just one tablespoon of peanut butter may contain 200 calories. The commercially bought ones may also have added refined sugar.

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