About Us

Fattache is a dietary supplement developed in 1995 ,with 7 different patents approved in April, 1999, used to help both men and women lose weight.

Originally available in the US, the product was pulled when the FDA required studies to be complete to confirm the claims made by Fattache. During this time, the demand for the product took off in 30 different countries. Since 1995, millions of bottles have been sold and Fattache (aka Fattache Forte in some countries) is still a well known product in several countries.

Responding to the FDA requirements, three separate studies were completed to determine the efficacy of Chitosan for weight loss and the effectiveness of the ingredient blend used. All three studies found a statistically significant result for weight reduction. (Note: These studies are being transcribed and will be available on the website soon).

Fattache is now available in the USA through www.fattache.com and Amazon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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